We serve the smelting industry.

We Provide
Profesional Services.

We are dedicated to continuously improving our solutions and product offerings to meet the unique requirements of our customers in the smelting industry. We undertake constant review of best practices in order to ensure our equipment, support and training are of the highest quality levels, and in line with international safety and regulatory requirements

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

To provide continues reliable, cost effective and professional solutions to the smelting industry.

Unique Service Offering:

One stop service provider to the smelting industry.

Plant Hire

A wide variety of machinery, equipment and operators for various industries

Forklifts range 2,5 Ton to 8 Ton ect. 

Raw Material Handling

Continuous material input or alternatively as a periodic material input, depending on the industry and systems chosen.

Loading and Transporting of Product

We assess the dimensions of your loads and analyse potential hazards based on details, volumes and deadlines of each project. This provides to a comprehensive loading, installation or rigging-up solution.